Michael Jamieson Bristow


Portrait of Constant Lambert


Born: London (England), August 23 1905 - Died: London (England), August 21 1951


Prize-Fight, realistic ballet in one act (1923-1924) (revised and rescored 1927) [Hyperion CDA67545]

Mr Bear Squash-You-All-Flat, ballet in one act (based on a Russian children's tale) (1923-1924) [Hyperion CDA66754]

Concerto for piano two trumpets timpani and strings (1924) [Hyperion CDA67545]

Romeo and Juliet, ballet in two tableaux (1924-1925) (first performed: May 04 1926) [Hyperion CDA67545]

The Bird-Actors Overture for orchestra (1925) (first performed: July 05 1031) [Hyperion CDA67545]

Pomona, ballet in one act (1926) (first performed: November 16 1926 as a Divertimento, first performed: September 09 1927 as a ballet) [Hyperion CDA67049]

Eight Poems of Li Po for voice and piano (1926-1929) (first performed: October 30 1929 - instrumental version (seven poems only)) [Hyperion CDA66754]

Music for Orchestra (1927) (first performed: June 14 1929) [Lyrita SRCD 215]

Elegiac Blues for piano (1927) [Hyperion CDA67545]

The Rio Grande, for small orchestra and chorus (1927) (first performed: February 27 1928 BBC broadcast, first performed: December 12 1929 in the concert hall) [Hyperion CDA66565]

Piano Sonata (1928-1929) (first performed: October 30 1929) [Hyperion CDA66754]

Concerto for Piano and Nine Instruments (1930-1931) (first performed: December 18 1931) [Hyperion CDA66754]

Salomé, incidental music for clarinet, trumpet, percussion and cello, to the play by Oscar Wilde (1931) (first performed: May 27 1931) [Hyperion CDA67239]

Summer's Last Will and Testament, for chorus and orchestra (1932-1935) (first performed: January 29 1936) [Hyperion CDA66565]

Horoscope, ballet in one act (1937) (first performed: January 27 1938) [Suite available on Helios CDH55099]

Elegy for piano (1938)

Dirge from Cymbeline, for tenor and baritone soli, male chorus and strings (1940) (first performed: March 23 1947 BBC broadcast)

Merchant Seamen, film music (1940) (first performed: May 15 1943 as a suite)

Aubade Héroïque for orchestra (1942) (first performed: February 21 1943) [Hyperion CDA66565]

Hamlet, incidental music for flute, two trumpets and percussion, to the play by William Shakespeare (1944) (first performed: February 11 1944)

Anna Karenina, film music (1947)

Trois Pièces Nègres pour les Touches Blanches for piano duet (1949) (first performed: May 17 1949)

Tiresias, ballet in three scenes (1950-1951) (first performed: July 09 1951) [Hyperion CDA67049]


Green Fire, rhapsody for orchestra (1923?) - score probably lost (first performed: June 28 1923)

Two Songs for soprano flute and harp, on poems by Sacheverell Sitwell (1923) (first performed: March 06 1924)

Suite in three movements for piano (1925) (first performed: March 19 1925)

Tema for piano (composed?)

Jew Süss, incidental music, to the play by Ashley Dukes (after Feuchtwanger) (1929?) - score possibly lost (first performance: September 19 1929)


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